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      Here is a photo of us together (taken in Buenos Aires, June 2006).

For all the questions, contributions and requests feel free to contact us at Amigaendings AT gmail DOT com.

- Kim Lemon for the hosting, tolerating Ali's poetry and his help in general
- The WinUAE team for the terrific Amiga emulator
- Jean-Marc Barbier for the French translation of the FAQ
- The following people for their contributions: Brendan Phoenix, Comebackkid, Cosmicnet, Gonzo, Graham, Ivan Smolenski, Ivo Varzielas, Jean-Marc Barbier, Kim Lemon, Markus Juntti, Moon, Mortificator, Řystein Lende Olsen (Laffer), Paul Cameron (Paulakuni), Paul Turner, Predseda, Sakura Star, Stefan Kellmer, Tóth Tibor and z00mba.


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