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Q: How do I use the .uss files from this site?
A: Start WinUAE, choose the correct settings (explained below), go to the "Misc" window, click on "Load state...".

Q: What are the settings of WinUAE for the snapshots?
A: For the OCS snapshots:

	CPU: 68000, "More compatible" box checked
	ROM: Kickstart v1.3 (A500,A1000,A2000) rev 34.5 (256k)
	Emulation Speed: Match A500 speed
	Chipset: OCS
	Sound Emulation: Emulated, 100% accurate
	Memory Settings:
		Chip: 512K
		Slow: 512K
		Fast: None
    For the AGA snapshots:
	CPU: 68020+FPU, "JIT" box checked
	ROM: Kickstart v3.1 (A1200) rev 40.68 (512k)
	Emulation Speed: Match A500 speed
	Advanced JIT Settings:
		Cache size: 8MB
		All boxes checked except for "Hard flush"
		Indirect mode
	Chipset: AGA
	Sound Emulation: Emulated, 100% accurate
	Memory Settings:
		Chip: 2MB
		Slow: None
		Fast: 8MB
		Z3 Fast: 8MB
		RTG: 8MB

Q: What version of WinUAE is compatible with the snapshots?
A: The snapshots work on WinUAE 1.0 and higher. Basically any UAE derivative that supports compressed snapshots should work. Various versions of WinUAE can co-exist on the same hard drive.

Q: Why are some OCS games flagged as AGA on this site?
A: That is because we have used AGA configuration to finish them, most likely due to using WHDLoad.

Q: Do I need the game .adf files to be able to load the snapshots?
A: 90% of the snapshots on this site do not require the game .adf files. For the rest of the games the needed disk is mentioned on each game's page. To insert the required .adf first load the savestate as per normal, then immediately press F12 and insert the .adf into the drive.

Q: I receive a Guru Meditation message when I load a savestate. What gives?
A: This is a very rare problem with some of the games (Cannon Fodder for example). If this happens, press F12 and load the savestate again, without resetting the emulator.

Q: The game crashes/stops after the end-sequence is finished. What's the juice?
A: Most of the games return to the title screen/hi-score screen after the end-sequence. At this stage if you want to continue you will need the game .adf files.

Q: Do you accept contributions from the visitors?
A: Ofcourse! Contributions from all visitors are welcome. Please contact us beforehand to make sure we are not already working on finishing the same games.

Q: The ending of [insert game name here] is not on this site. Can I request it?
A: Ofcourse. Feel free to contact us and we will try to add it.

Q: Hey, my question is not mentioned here! Where can I get some help?
A: The FAQ section is a work in progress. If your question is not included here, don't hesitate to contact us, so we can try to solve your problem and perhaps add it to this page.